My Comforter: A Poem


He knows my deepest yearnings
He sees the hidden tears
He hears my silent cries for aid
He understands my fears.

He pulls me close and comforts
He holds me as I weep
He needs no explanation
My secrets He will keep.

I fully trust His constancy
I cannot doubt his care
His everlasting arms are mine
Vast solace I find there.

In Him alone is refuge
In Him alone, great peace
Beneath His wings of mercy
My joy and hope increase.

Found in so safe a harbor
My heart must rise and sing.
How can I mourn, when this I boast:
A Comforter and King?

Yes, He will draw me through the night,
I will see dawn’s first glow.
Oh Lord, please calm the storm within—
Let me be still and know.

~ Abigail Joy ~
September 22, 2009

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