Trash Bags: Submission in Shoe Leather


Submitting Isn’t Just About the Big Stuff.

Recently I shared one example from my life of where I thought I was helping my husband but wasn’t. Today I’ll share a chance I had last week to practice submission on a mundane level.

In our marriage, maybe because Andrew and I are pretty much on the same page in all the “bigger fish we have to fry”, the “small stuff” is where my submission gets tested about 99% of the time. Those little opportunities to defer to Andrew’s leadership are what pile on top of each other to become a pretty good indication of whether I’m truly growing into the submissive wife God calls me to be. (Col. 3:18)

Loose Trash or a Saved Bag?

I’m a pretty frugal person. Sometimes it crosses the line of good stewardship and heads into the territory of downright stingy. One of my pet peeves is using an entire five-gallon plastic garbage bag from Costco for a few cups of garbage. I can’t stand to see perfectly good sacks  go to waste. (Mind you, we haven’t even gone through the box of bags we bought for about $10 when we first got married over two years ago.) Andrew, on the other hand, although also reticent to spend money, is a proponent of making sure any trash gets into a bag before it hits the main garbage can in the garage, even if that means not filling a bag to its capacity. He hates the idea of loose garbage sticking to the sides and bottom of the can.

While I was on a cleaning rampage last week, Andrew spotted me heading out to the garage, brown paper bag from the grocery store in hand.

“Are you cleaning the litter box?” he questioned.

“Yes,” I said, pretty sure I could guess what was coming next.

“You need to use one of those plastic Costco bags for that,” he replied. ” The litter will just make that bag disintegrate.”

In the few moments that transpired after the words were off his lips, a chatter of little protests crowded into my mind.

This bag is thicker than you think, it will be fine.

The trash is getting picked up in a few days, so that’s not enough time for the bag to rot anyway.

Even if it rots, who CARES? We’ve saved a good plastic bag. 

Submitting Is More Important.

About half-a-second away from voicing these arguments, God reminded me of my place under Andrew. I was standing there considering bucking him on a very small issue. What a perfectly good chance to instead honor his reasonable wishes and walk back to the cupboard for a plastic bag. Submitting to his direction was more important than saving a penny on that silly bag.

“Okay, I will,” somehow rolled off my lips as I cheerfully replaced the brown sack with a Costco bag and headed back to the garage.

That was easy, I thought. And I wondered if there are other little opportunities I’m missing to honor Andrew as the head of our home.

Follow or Answer Back?

Please understand that there are many small situations where it would be perfectly appropriate to appeal Andrew’s instructions, and I often do. In fact, if my heart was right, it wouldn’t have been a sin for me to question this one. But my goal as his wife is to be much quicker to simply follow Andrew’s direction than I am to answer back with a “better” idea. The trash bag is just an example of many opportunities that we as wives have, sometimes daily, to show our husbands that we respect them and their opinions and that we are willing and happy to place ourselves under their authority, in both the big and small areas of life. Not to mention, the silly stuff is good practice for the serious stuff.

Are there any trash bags in your marriage?

Ask the Lord (and even your husband) if perhaps you need to let go of some of them.

2 thoughts on “Trash Bags: Submission in Shoe Leather

  1. Good line….”the silly stuff is good practice for the serious stuff.” Some might think this is pretty petty but honoring is not petty even in the small stuff…attitude is everything! Good word!

  2. Such a sweet and simple post! I realize my lack of submission in the small areas as I have developed my own habits over 19 years. I appreciate your post allowing me to look at my own areas where my husband and I could practice more oneness in the small stuff…beginning with my own submission! Blessings to you! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart (linking with you at Proverbs 31)

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