Bible Familiarity: Starting Young


I’m currently working through a Bible-in-a-year reading plan for my devotions. I’ve got some catching up to do in the Old Testament, but I think I can do it. Each day of the plan includes New Testament, Old Testament, and a Psalm or Proverb. I much prefer this approach over plowing through chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. I especially appreciated it when I was in Leviticus. ;)

What’s been cool as I’ve traveled through the Old Testament is how familiar I already am with so many of the stories, even obscure ones. The reason for this is that my parents exposed my brothers and I to the Word of God from an early age and throughout our growing up years. Besides regular family devotions times and at one point, a “formal” and in-depth survey of the Old Testament, we listened to dramatized Bible story cassettes in the car, during chore times, etc. Now, as I walk through the Old Testament on my own for the first time in several years, many of its narratives still ring with familiarity, just as re-reading a good book feels like coffee with an old friend.

I say this to encourage those currently parenting young ones. Exposing your kids to God’s Word through various means (such as story tapes and illustrated children’s Bibles) will help its content stick in their minds and Lord-willing, in their hearts. You can instill a love for the Lord and His letter in your children, practically from day one. I know, because it was done for me and I’m still reaping the benefits in my twenties.

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