More Than We Can Handle


Andrew and I just returned from a wonderful week away.

He was in San Francisco for a programming conference and although I took my work with me as well, it was an incredibly restful, special time to enjoy spending time with each other and dear family that we hadn’t seen since last July. When we boarded the plane for home yesterday morning, my heart was heaving with a sense of foreboding. Usually after time away I am eager to get back. But somehow, this time I felt that we were coming home, but not for long. We’re 62 days away from the move for seminary, and my stomach is beginning to knot when I picture saying goodbye. As I hugged my brothers at the softball game last night, I thought about how, very soon, I’ll have to wait several months at a time to get hugs from them.

We’re counting the days one-by-one, seizing opportunities to make memories, and making scheduling sacrifices to spend time with people that are important to us before we move. And in the midst of crunch time, we’re working hard to still enjoy being just the two of us and prioritize our marriage as we prepare for a significant transition. As up-and-down emotions threaten to take me over, I’m asking the Lord to help me cling to His promises and the stability I find only in my relationship with Him.

What are you facing today?

We never know what tomorrow holds, but as believers we do know that whatever comes, Jesus will remain the gracious, loving Savior that we have come to adore, and He will always be there for us. In a recent sermon, Pastor Dave argued the popular idea that “God never gives us more than we can handle.” I wholeheartedly agreed with Pastor Dave’s point. In reality, God often He gives us far more than we can handle, to expose our desperate need for Him and remind us of how dependent on Him we are for everything. On our own, we are inadequate to meet life’s challenges. But with our Savior, nothing is too difficult or scary.

Living for Jesus is amazing. It does not diminish the sadness and trials we will inevitably experience here on earth, but it brings hope, meaning, and perspective to every bit of life. Children of God are incredibly blessed to experience peace that only a heart redeemed by Jesus can every fully know. He is enough, and that truth remains, no matter what circumstances we may face.

“You are my strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, You are my all in all.”

4 thoughts on “More Than We Can Handle

  1. sarahataquiethome says:

    So true, I totally agree that He gives us what we need to lean into Him – it’s been my experience anyway, and in those times, my faith in Him and my relationship has been refined and deepened and challenged beyond what I thought I could take. But He is faithful.

  2. Awww…I teared up reading this! :'( Feeling sad for you with all the looming goodbyes…those are *never* fun. Hang in there, friend. <3

  3. Laura says:

    Hello Abigail,

    Just letting you know I’m a new subscriber! :-) I am 27 (we went to your church when I was under 10! :-), and am courting a wheat farmer and pastor-in-training! (Matthew is in his first year of Convergence: A few people have told me I should follow your blog as our lives may be similar, and since I already “know” you, this will be fun. :-)

    Laura Criss :-)

    • Hi Laura,

      It’s so fun to hear from you! I do remember you and I’m delighted to hear about your courtship and the direction it looks like God is taking you and Matthew. Congratulations! =) I’m so happy to have you along at the blog and look forward to keeping up with you, as well.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, keep in touch!

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