Brand New Niches


Last Sunday School class after 2.5 years of teaching precious 3rd &4th graders.

As the move draws ever nearer, I’m starting to transition a little bit from thinking only of all that we have to do before we go to considering what life is going to be like once we start settling into our new home. That might sound pathetic, but I’ve let myself get so busy with everything we have going on now that I haven’t paused a whole lot to think of what lies ahead.

Today I learned that the church we’ll be plugging into in SoCal has a robust special needs ministry!

I cannot begin to communicate how thrilled I am about this. I have long felt a tug on my heart toward working with mentally and physically disabled people, specifically adults. A summer or two ago I did a fair bit of online research to find a local ministry I might be able to jump into, but came up short. Grace Community’s program sounds absolutely ideal. They provide general support at church functions as well as specific, tailored activities for special needs adults, with a strong emphasis on the gospel and quality Christian fellowship. It’s yet to be seen how their volunteer needs will fit into my schedule, but at this point I am dancing for joy at the thought of any small ways I can get involved in this beautiful work!

For several years now I’ve looked forward to the weekly seminary wives meetings.

It will be such a blessing to gather with other ladies who love Jesus and are excited about supporting their husbands through each semester. I anticipate Wednesday nights as one of the most effective ways I can get to know like-minded gals on a deeper level, and I hope to pick up some volunteer babysitting opportunities for sem wives who have children! I’m excited for this as an opportunity to learn from the experiences sisters in Christ, a swell as share how God is growing and stretching me through the experience of seminary.

These are just two things I’m eager to begin with our fresh start. I’ll trade in Sunday School teacher and IT helper hats for new ones. It will be stretching and fun to watch God direct me to the niches He’s specifically fashioned me for. When I think about it that way, I can hardly wait!

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