13 Days


13 days.

We have our apartment.
Andrew has his school schedule.
The walls are becoming bare.
The garage is piling up.
The freezer is starting to empty.
The days are feeling shorter.
The tears are coming more often.

The moving truck arrives a week from today! Our office, spare bedroom, and linen closet are completely sorted and packed. We’ve purged our closets and dresser drawers. So far we’ve made four drop-off trips to consignment stores and two to Value Village. I’ve sold two bookshelves and a lamp on Craigslist. We didn’t think we had that much we could get rid of, but when you get really serious about downsizing, it’s amazing how many things you can live without!

After we say the tough goodbyes here in Bellingham and I cry all the way to Seattle, the trip down should actually be quite fun. My parents, Titus, my Grant, and Andrew’s Grant are all coming to help us move. When we hit the Bay Area, my Uncle Jeff and cousins Hannah and Jillian will be joining us for the rest of the drive. It should feel almost like a vacation and not so much like a depressing departure.

I would appreciate your prayers as we wind down our time here. It’s getting harder and harder not to get overcome with the imminence of saying goodbye and I don’t want to miss out on the special memories we can still create in the meantime. Also I want to keep making time with the Lord a priority even as the schedule gets busier and busier. That’s such an important part of staying grounded and keeping the right perspective. Thanks! =)

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