Beginning Life in Los Angeles


It’s really weird to think that just a week ago, we were in the middle of the church campout, playing cards under tarps during a warm summer rain. So much has happened since we hit the road four days ago. We’re getting settled into our new apartment (photos coming soon, I promise!) and starting to familiarize ourselves with the area. So far, I like everything much better than I’d anticipated. I tried to set my expectations low, and the strategy worked. =)

Just one more goodbye left and then we can move on with that sad aspect of this whole transition and dive into all the new experiences in store. On Thursday, a wonderful young seminary family brought breakfast to us and answered questions about anything and everything, putting our minds at ease about a number of unknowns. We got an excellent tour of the seminary, library, and church, which made us both even more excited to launch into life and ministry at Grace and Master’s. We’ve been to Santa Monica Pier with the family and I explored Burbank with my mom and cousin. So far I feel very comfortable on the freeways here and my GPS is my best friend!

With my family officially gone, I do feel rather alone at the moment. But I know that will change quickly as we meet new friends and get involved. I can’t imagine going through a transition like this without my hubby. I’m so thrilled to be watching him follow this long-time dream of his. Many more updates to come as the days roll on!

2 thoughts on “Beginning Life in Los Angeles

  1. Corina says:

    So fun to read your updates! What a new setting to what you were used to in Bellingham. Aren’t the Santa Monica Pier and Burbank such fun places?

  2. Sarah E says:

    I’m sure your positive attitude and excitement are such a blessing to your hubby! Hope you continue to have fun exploring!

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