Fervent Love: A Paul and a Timothy

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There are roses growing right outside my kitchen window. =)

You probably thought I’d forgotten all about our “current” Fervent Love series, but here’s another post. =)

Fervent love may look like discipling a brother or sister.

I remember at one of our church’s recent missions seminars, the guest speaker suggested that everyone have a Paul and a Timothy in their lives. The idea is that you always be learning from an older brother or sister, while sharing what you’ve learned and grown in with someone younger. I like this concept because it stimulates continued personal growth while encouraging giving of yourself to others.

For most of my life, my mom and I have met regularly for a mostly informal discipleship time where I can learn from her and share what I’m going through. Sometimes we go through a book, although often we talk for so long we run out of time to read together. =) So for now, she is my primary “Paul”.

A year or so ago, I added two “Timothys” to my life. I met with, discipled, and prayed for a younger sister in Christ regularly, and very informally counseled/mentored a young lady as she walked through a difficult time. Both relationships were a tremendous blessing to me, probably more than to these friends! It was exciting to be able to share what God has taught me through failures and victories in my life. Maybe He used me to spare them from making some of the mistakes I did. The Lord also used our times together to show me how much He has blessed me and to remind me of difficult seasons He carried me through and brought me out of.

Hopefully if we have younger siblings we’re all building those relationships with purpose and being an intentional, godly influence in their lives. For me, especially since I don’t have sisters, the timing seemed right to add another opportunity to invest in someone younger. Now, of course, I’ve moved, but I’ll try to stay in touch with these gals, and perhaps find a new “Timothy” in our new church.

How about you? Do you have a “Paul” you are learning from? And do you see an opportunity to turn around and give back to a “Timothy”? It’s a great way to grow and be stretched in new ways.

2 thoughts on “Fervent Love: A Paul and a Timothy

  1. Chad had a “Paul” for many years in the man who led both he and I to the Lord. His name was Fred Steenmeyer, I am sure you might have heard of us talk about him over the years. In fact he spoke one Sunday night at the old church years ago. :-) That man desired nothing other than to spend time discipling and teaching others in the Word of God. When Chad and I were going to him for pre-marital counseling our slot was 10 pm as his discipleship’s/counseling’s went all day long (starting as early as5/ 6am) and that is where we could fit in! We spent many years going to him weekly for Bible study then Chad would meet with him separately one on one weekly also, for quite a few years. Chad and Fred met one on one over 200 times over those years and I don’t know how many times we met as a couple but it was numerous. I know for certain we would not be who we are in many ways without Fred’s discipleship with us. He helped to plant in us a love for the Word like no other. His part in our life was essential to our spiritual growth as new Christians and beyond. Fred has been with his Savior now just over 2 years. It brings me to tears to think of the joy he is experiencing. His dear wife Betty, who I call my spiritual mother, was right beside him all those years. She is in her 80’s in Alaska and we still talk on a regular basis. Fred did a large prison ministry in the Alaska prison’s for years and Betty helped him all along and now she still carries on the work in his stead. We cannot speak enough about the innumerable blessings of their discipleship in our lives. Sorry the comment got a little long! Love and miss you both!

    • Thank you so much for sharing that, Chessa! I do remember Fred speaking at our church. It is incredible to think of the extent that God used just ONE person who had the vision and passion for discipleship. He left behind an amazing legacy in you and Chad, and many others. Very inspiring.

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