Observations of a Los Angeles Newcomer


To state the obvious, LA is not Bellingham. Here are a few things I’ve learned or noticed so far…

  1. Intersections without a green arrow are common, which means you’ll only get to where you’re going if you go on a red light. Period.
  2. I don’t have to melt my coconut oil in the microwave…it’s always ready in liquid form.
  3. Even in the dumpiest of areas, you’ll probably find at least one rose bush thriving. They’re everywhere!
  4. Here we are in August, and it’s getting dark around 7:45 PM! We like it because it helps us get to bed earlyish. (As in, 10:30 or 11:00.)
  5. Paying more attention in high school Spanish would be paying off right about now.
  6. When going to the community laundry room, it is recommended that you bring your laundry, detergent, and quarters. I’m not sure I’ve had a laundry run happen in one trip yet. I always forget one of the three essentials the first time.
  7. Interstate 5 is not “I-5” here. It is “the 5″.
  8. Turning the nozzle to cold for the last bit of my shower gives me a couple extra sweat-free minutes afterward. Just barely enough time to apply deodorant.
  9. The scent of marijuana is gradually becoming as familiar as that of cigarette smoke.
  10. There appear to be as many doughnut shops here as there are coffee shops back in Washington. Which stinks for a gluten free person.
  11. Bare feet do not work on blacktop.

More installments coming in the future, I’m sure. =)

5 thoughts on “Observations of a Los Angeles Newcomer

  1. haha! I remember the first time I pulled my coconut oil out of the cupboard this summer to find it melted. Also I feel for you with the laundry. I’m constantly buying random bags of chips and ice cream at the next door 7-11 so that I can get quarters. And when it gets dark I hate going out to get the last load…so I leave it until Cody comes home and I make him get it.

  2. markandmichellelarsen says:

    I love your post, Abigail! It is toooo funny! But it is also so fun to hear about how different things are! I’m looking forward to more posts! ~ml

  3. Mindy W. says:

    Love the observations! When we came from Cali to Lynden it was a bit of a culture shock (in a good way, just different). I remember thinking it was funny how Washingtonians called most streets “The”, as in “The Guide”, and when we lived in California everyone still called it I-5. That was 15 years ago! I’m sure if I went back now I’d be equally culture shocked and very hot. Just remember when you come back to visit Washington…You’ll probably be extremely cold!
    Thanks for sharing. I’m praying for you.

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