{Seminary Journal} Orientation: Day One from My Perspective


Yesterday was pretty exciting. Andrew left around 7:30 for his first day of orientation. All day, I wondered how it was going and looked forward to seeing him walk through the door. I resisted the urge to text him at lunch and waited to hear all about it in person.

When Andrew finally arrived, we sat on the couch and he gave me the blow-by-blow of his day. The tours he’d gotten, the lectures and talks he sat through, the people he met…even the food he ate. =) He was especially fired up about the strong emphasis that was put on living lives of integrity and purity and really pursuing  Jesus and treasuring the cross throughout seminary, not just mastering theology and doctrine. The guys were challenged in specific areas of life and reminded that head knowledge without a life that matches it is worthless. This all inspired and encouraged Andrew incredibly, and added to his excitement and passion for what he’s doing.

As a wife who’s about to watch her husband get buried under a mound of intense homework and study, yesterday was an inspiring way to kick off this journey. To see Andrew more fired up than he’s been in a while and have him tell me he’s confident this is the school God wants him to be at was of great encouragement and confirmation to my heart. I’m so thrilled about how he will learn and grow over the next several years, and excited about what God will do in my heart as we walk this road together.

Thank you all for your prayers. We are clearly seeing God’s hand in our lives and can’t wait for what’s in store!

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