What’s For Dinner?


This week I went grocery shopping with the following dinners planned…

Stuffed peppers
Leftover BBQ pork
Veggie burritos/burrito bowls (twice)
Pepperoni pizza
Pork fajitas

What’s on your menu? Any ideas for fresh and easy meals that require minimal time on the stove or in the oven? Our apartment is already hot, and then I start cooking…

3 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. Ruth says:

    Whenever it gets hot I tend to like cold dinners. Like big green salads with maybe some chicken or steak. I also love pasta salad. We have found some good gluten free ones, but have only eaten them hot, can’t claim how good they r cold. One of Samantha and my favorite salads is a quinoa salad(Jeff likes it too).
    I would tell u to cook in a crock pot, but this summer I noticed even that was heating up our house, so I bet it would cause your apartment to get quiet warm.
    Okay, this is my last one. I LOVE my George Foreman grill. Easy cooking, easy cleaning, and doesn’t heat up my kitchen.

  2. I’m with Ruth on the greens and cold chicken. We almost live on salad these days! Sometimes on a cooler morning I’ll cook several meals and then go out to let the house cool down, then we can re-heat for a couple of days and I’ve only heated up my oven one time…. Miss you, Abigail!

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