{Seminary Journal} One-Month Expectations


Photo by Rv Sun. A hike I took with our Bible study this week.

This is the 100th post here on Anchored! We’ve been here for a month as of yesterday. Last night at a small fellowship group with fellow sem wives, my friend Tia asked everyone a few questions related to what we’d expected to encounter down here, and how those expectations have been fulfilled or turned out differently. It was a good question. I thought about it a lot more when I got home and decided to blog some of those expectations.

  1. I expected our apartment to be tiny and cramped, but it’s not. There’s far more space than I’d even hoped for and pretty much everything we brought fits, with a little wiggle room.
  2. I expected church to feel big and overwhelming, and it does. But joining a fellowship group makes a big church get small really fast. I’m surprised that we run into people we know every Sunday, in a church of thousands.
  3. I did not expect to feel lonely, but I do. It’s not the homesickness I’d anticipated, it’s different. There are moments, after my work and responsibilities are done and Andrew is still doing homework, when not having my best friend or a family member to call for coffee or a game night hits me really hard and I feel very alone.
  4. I expected there to be many young married couples without kids in seminary, but there aren’t. There are tons of young families and a lot of single guys.
  5. I expected Andrew to be swamped with homework, and he is. God prepared me to be fully ready for evenings and Saturdays to be for homework. I’m encouraging Andrew to study and not making him feel bad about being busy. This week he got 105% on his first Hebrew vocab quiz! When I texted that I was proud of him, Andrew replied, “It’s a victory for both of us ’cause the time I spent studying was time I didn’t spend with you…but it paid off!”
  6. I expected it to be hot, and it is. It’s been around 100 or more all week. As I write this, it’s 101 and supposed to reach 103 this afternoon. The apartment is stuffy and cooking is a drag. But that’s no surprise and I’m learning to get used to it.
  7. I expected it to take awhile to make close friends, and it does. But we’ve already been so blessed to meet a number of amazing people who love Jesus and have a heart for people and ministry. I know there are very special friendships in store, likely with some of the people we’ve already met but haven’t spent much time with yet.
  8. I expected to be hard to find gluten free food, and it is. Until yesterday. I discovered Sprouts on the recommendation of friends. It is like our co-op back home, maybe better! It’s in Burbank but so worth the extra jaunt! Thank You, Lord!

Yes, there are a lot of good and hard things about this new season of life. It’s stretching, and Jesus’ presence and love are becoming more dear to my heart. Despite the tearful moments and the ache in my heart that sometimes doesn’t want to fade, I am very content and completely confident that today I am exactly where God wants me to be. No second thoughts, regrets, or misgivings. God’s work in my life is an encouragement to me, and I know He has so much more in store for my spiritual growth as the weeks roll on. Thank you for your prayers…there is no doubt He is answering them!

7 thoughts on “{Seminary Journal} One-Month Expectations

  1. Abbie, I never got the chance to really know you over the years. Yes, I was around when you were born until about age 8, but after that, it was just hearing about you via word of mouth. I wanted you to know that while you are the same age as my son, Hutch, you have taught me so much. Your love for Jesus is encouraging to me. In one month you will be 24 and yet your spiritual wisdom surpasses mine. With parents like yours, you were given such an amazing spiritual foundation, but I believe thats what they gave, a foundation. You took it from there and allowed God to grow you into the beautiful woman you have become. Scripture says the older women are to teach the younger. In my case, you, the younger, have taught, me, the older. Thank you for your willingness to follow Christ. Your obedience shows. Keep up the encouragement through your blog… I look forward to reading it.

    Love in Christ,

    • Hi Tammy. What sweet thoughts to share. I can’t take any credit for where I am today. My parents and so many other people poured into me my whole life and God has done a good work in me, through them, through my own sin and failures, and through other means. I still have such a long way to go, but it is exciting to see fruit that could only be there because of Jesus! I’m so glad to hear that what I am learning is blessing or encouraging you in your journey. It’s a joy to have you “around”…maybe someday we could meet up for coffee. :)

  2. Abigail ~
    This is such a good post sharing about your daily life! It gives me insights into how to uphold you before the throne of grace. Most of what you share is about the changes that you are going through right now, and there are many! Learning how to respond to change in a gracious, God honoring manner can be such a challenge! But it is also a very real and necessary part of our growth as Christian women. Hold fast to your anchor, spend time in quiet reflection and prayer, and wait upon The Lord (I know you know this). This season is a time for you to practice all the things you “know” in a new context. His grace is sufficient!

    • Thank you so much, Katie! I’ve never liked change so this is a big way for God to stretch and grow me! I appreciate the reminder to make quiet time with Him a priority, and I SO appreciate your prayers. THANK YOU! :)

  3. I love this post! And especially love that we are held by a God who is stable and strong and faithful whether our expectations are fully met or we’re facing challenges and issues we never anticipated. Sending you lots of hugs for the homesickness (I get it, girl!) as well as rejoicing in all the fun ways you’re seeing God bless and provide in this new season of life. You make me want to come visit you sometime! <3
    Oh…and I love the Christmas countdown! =)

  4. Deb says:

    I just started reading your blog, I just want to encourage you in your years at Seminary. We were there from 2000-2004. I remember all the studying, and working and ministry, IT. IS. HARD. Greg carried a book everywhere and there was always school hanging over his head, even during breaks. The first year was tough, but the second year, God graciously allowed one of our friends from our young married days to come to Seminary and Sarah and I were inseparable. Both our husbands worked every Saturday, so she would come over and do laundry. ;) We were both so thankful for a kindred spirit right when we needed it. Praying for you to find a best friend and a sense of knowing your way around and peace that is hard to come by in L.A, but it does come…….I never felt like our home was as much of a respite from the world as I did there. (We lived in North Hollywood the last 3 years). May God richly bless your efforts to encourage your husband and live out the gospel in L.A.

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