6 Christmas Classics for the Family


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Christmas? In case you missed my favorite holiday children’s books, catch them here. I also love watching Christmas movies throughout December.  Here are my favorites, in order. =)

Seasons of the Heart

A mother who hasn’t gotten over the loss of her two daughters is less than thrilled about the opportunity to look after an orphan boy. But her husband embraces the presence of a child in their home and wants to give him the love he’s missing so desperately. Set in the pioneer era, this story is both touching and humorous. It can be watched all year round, but due to the Christmas festivities toward the end of the movie, we always watched it at Christmas time.

The Christmas Shoes

514W8CBYS6L (1)We stumbled across this movie just a few years back and I loved it immediately. Get your box of tissues out, It contrasts two people. One, a man caught up in work and the commercial life, and the other, a young boy who just wants to make his dying mother happy. Their paths cross on Christmas Eve in a memorable and moving encounter.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Three words: it’s a classic.

A Christmas Carol: The Musical


Another classic that my family watched annually, my grandma owned a black-and-white version that I love. There are tons of versions on Amazon but I couldn’t find the one I grew up on. However, I’ve recently fallen in love with this musical rendition since being in the show myself last Christmas. The music is gorgeous, but some scenes would be scary/creepy for small children.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Watch it for the kids…you may even find it cute and funny as a grown-up. I do. =)

Arthur Christmas

91vb-8yq3WL._SL1500_Andrew and I watched this for the first time last year and we both really liked it. Andrew actually laughed, which is quite something for him. (Usually I have to look at him to know if he thinks something is funny because he just smiles.) Anyway…Arthur Christmas was entertaining and cute and I can’t wait to watch it again this year!

5 thoughts on “6 Christmas Classics for the Family

  1. We loooove “Seasons of the Heart”…I hadn’t heard of anyone else yet who watches it outside our family! And, of course, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a must-watch every year. As well as the best one that you forgot…ELF! ;)

    • I’m glad another family enjoys Seasons of the Heart…it is obscure but SO good!

      Yes, Elf is another fun one, although with a few possibly offensive parts I thought it best to leave it off this particular list. =)

    • I love celebrating Jesus and His birth during December, but I have to confess, I also just love all the fun, festive traditions that go along with the season. =) It’s a good time of the year all the way around!

      • I think the strain of family complications drowns out the cheer. Plus I have 2 childrens birthdays 2 weeks before Christmas – no not twins, just parents who took 2 goes to work out how not to have a baby 2 weeks before Christmas ;). I am going to see if God can restore some Christmas cheer for me. I think reading your posts has inspired me to seek God about this.

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