{Reading Report} Unplanned


Yesterday I finished a book I’d like to share with you. Unplanned by Abby Johnson is the gripping autobiography of a woman who began volunteering at Planned Parenthood in college, eventually becoming the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Byron, Texas. For years, she believed she was helping and protecting women in her role. And then she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion, and suddenly, the values and convictions she’d embraced, believed, and taught came crashing down.

I picked up this book because I wanted an educated look at abortion and the mission of Planned Parenthood. The Internet makes it easy to gather false information and exaggerated statistics, so I was in search of a credible source. What could be more ideal than reading the account of a woman who crossed over from extreme pro-choice advocate within Planned Parenthood to passionate pro-life supporter working at Coalition for Life?

Here are a few things Abby opened my eyes to:

  1. Many people who volunteer at Planned Parenthood have been brainwashed and truly, from the bottom of their hearts, believe they are saving lives by giving women “safe” options.
  2. Planned Parenthood originally launched with more emphasis on free healthcare and contraceptives, but when financial problems came, it began pushing for abortions due to their lucrativeness.
  3. Abortion is murder. It is wrong, but so is protesting it in a way that does not honor the Lord or show kindness to the people who support it.
  4. Most of the rape victims that Abby saw choose abortion suffered even more afterward, because now they had not only the shame and hurt of the rape, but the guilt of killing their baby.
  5. Abortion really does hurt women, both emotionally and physically. Abby had two abortions early on in life. After the medicated abortion abortion, she experienced extreme pain, cramping, and bleeding for weeks.
  6. Women who came to Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion frequently chose life when they learned they were pregnant with twins.
  7. Abortion is as gruesome as you may have been led to believe. I was crying and literally nauseated when I finally decided to skip over the remainder of Abby’s description of what she witnessed via ultrasound. A baby visibly struggling against tools of death. Horrendous.

From a Christian standpoint, Unplanned lacked a little in the way of the gospel. However, I read it to become educated regarding abortion, and it certainly served that purpose. It was an easy and gripping read that I’d highly recommend picking up if you have similar questions.

Next I’m going to read 40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done…Imagine What He Can Do, only $2.99 on Kindle. It’s written by two people who were a big part of Abby’s story and work for the Coalition for Life.

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