2 thoughts on “{A Newsy Post} Four Things

  1. Ummm… the bangs are adorable, I normally get peeved (in a Christian way of course) haha JK
    :-) at people already anticipating/decorating Christmas but you make it quite cute, I am so sorry for Andrew… I have experienced 10 days in the hospital due to food poisoning (actually prob. Ecoli) . when I was 10 years old… it is awful ….and the beach…. well…… I have no words except I am cold all the time now. :-)

  2. Haha…I love this comment. That sounds like an insane 10 days. I am VERY thankful that the worst of Andrew’s sickness only lasted about 24 hours. But it was probably the most miserable he’s ever been. Let’s just say I’m relieved food poisoning isn’t contagious!

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