{Reading Report} Christmas in My Heart and Advent Stories


When I shared my favorite Christmas stories, I left one collection out because I couldn’t remember its title. I checked with my mom and she reminded me that I was thinking of the Christmas in My Heart series compiled by Joe Wheeler. Our family had the first four books, and we read many stories out of them every December. Most were old-fashioned and all that I remember were wholesome. Some are sad, many happy, and others humorous. Length varied from two to six pages or so. There are true accounts as well as fictional tales, but every one takes place during Christmastime. Listening to these stories read aloud is one of my favorite holiday memories. I was excited to see that they have many volumes that I have never read–I look forward to enjoying them with our kids one day.


Also, as long as I’m at it, our family really enjoyed Jotham’s Journey and Bartholomew’s Passage, two Advent story books that have a very short chapter for each day leading up to Christmas. Set in Jesus’ time, these books are designed to bring cliff-hanger endings to the end of every chapter, which left me and my brothers begging my dad to keep reading. I don’t remember him giving in once. I also recall a few descriptions deemed too graphic for our little ears, as well as a minor amount of theology-correction that needed to take place after reading. But all-in-all, these books were a great way to recognize advent as a family and I hope to one day pick them up with our kids as well.

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