Good Intentions: Reaching Out During the Holidays


I’m a girl of a million good intentions. It’s said that “it’s the thought that counts.” That’s partially true. But what if I thought of offering to help my new neighbor move in, but never did? That thought was lovely while it dwelt in my apartment, but it didn’t do much good staying there.

I’m writing this post for two reasons.

  1. As a sort of accountability for myself and extra motivation to follow through with good intentions I have for reaching out this holiday season.
  2. To encourage you to consider doing something similar for your neighbors or others.

We live in a low-income area, in a fairly trashy apartment complex. I say “fairly” because “trashy” is oh, so relative. There are much worse places to live in LA, but there are also much better ones. Our complex houses very few Caucasians and lots of smokers, broken families, single moms, and at least one pot addict who, apparently, hangs out in close proximity to our bedroom window. All these ingredients combine into one perfect recipe for an awesome evangelistic opportunity, right down the hall.

Over the summer, I had a few opportunities to connect with neighbors at the pool, a popular hangout spot on hot afternoons. I shared the gospel with one and followed up with a home cooked meal for her a few days later. And my evangelistic efforts ended there. That was September. It’s now midway through November and I’ve done little more than smile and say “hello” to smokers on my way to the laundry room. I’m ashamed and convicted. So I’m going to use Christmas as an excuse to knock on my neighbors’ doors.

My plan is to make a bunch of Christmas cookies (hopefully with my Christian sem wife neighbor, Masha) and distribute them along with a solid tract and an invitation to our church, which is conveniently only a mile away from where all these people live. I’ll post after the Christmas season about whether or not I followed through with this. (That’s the accountability part.)

How about you? Do you know unbelievers who might be easier reached over the holidays? It’s a rather sad, empty time for many, especially those with rough relationships or broken families. Consider how you might use a little Christmas cheer as a tool in sharing the hope and salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

I know it seems a little early, but these things take forethought or they’re often never more than good intentions.

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