When Love Intersects With Difference

I loved this section on unity that I read recently in What Did You Expect?. I’ve pulled my favorite pieces from a few paragraphs out below.

Unity is not the product of sameness…

It is self-love that hates difference. It is self-love that convinces you that your way is the right way…

Love celebrates who God has made the other person to be. Love celebrates the process of working together to become one…

Love prizes unity and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. Love turns difference into an opportunity to experience a fuller and deeper unity. Love isn’t impatient, and it does not walk away. Love perseveres. Love stays active until what God has planned becomes your actual experience. Love listens, works, and waits. Unity happens when love intersects with difference.

This is well-articulated encouragement to celebrate the ways in which my husband is different from me, instead of trying to change him or “giving up” on him because he’s not just like me. Paul David Tripp’s picture of true love is so challenging. He points out the reality that when I am convinced my way is the high way, and to be different from me is to be wrong, that’s self love. He redefines unity not as two people who are the same, but as two people who have learned to embrace the process of working together and loving each other in spite of, and even because of, their differences.

My love for my husband should look like sacrifice, patience, and perseverance.

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