A Chronicle of Recent Craziness

20140415-002506.jpgI haven’t blogged much in the last month because life has been just a wee bit crazy.

On March 17, Andrew and I accepted a position as apartment managers. This meant more responsibility, but free rent in a quieter, cleaner neighborhood…plus a little monthly cash on the side. I cried and cried and cried at the thought of moving and leaving our cat, then fell fast asleep on the couch.

On March 20, I found out why I’d been unusually emotional and easily exhausted. I took a pregnancy test, purely to assure myself that I was not pregnant. Shocker of shockers, two little lines appeared immediately. I took a second test. Same result. We were parents! We laughed and cried and kissed goodbye as I headed to the airport to visit my grandma. (Talk about a torturous parting!)

On Marcy 23, morning all day sickness struck, and I wondered how mothers have more than one child. After three days of vomiting every evening, I switched prenatal vitamins, which has kept the puking almost entirely at bay, praise the Lord! The nausea decided to stick around.

On April 2, we started moving into our new place, in the middle of Andrew’s school week. My mom flew down last-minute to help move do everything for me. She is amazing.

On April 4, before we’d even had a chance to set up our bed or move the last of the furniture, we were already showing a vacant apartment to prospective tenants, taking phone calls, and answering questions about things we didn’t know…I, while constantly feeling just on the verge of vomiting, and Andrew, while having a growing stack of homework waiting on him.

And since then, it’s just been days of trying to catch up…wrapping up at our old place, transferring accounts over to our new one, updating our address everywhere, getting hours of training for our new job, filing paperwork, answering a 2:00 AM call because someone’s bathtub overflowed and flooded the neighbor…you know, all the fun stuff that comes with getting your apartment for free. I worked 45 hours last week, which would normally feel very doable, but under current conditions, felt more like 80. I am nauseous almost all day most days, and fight insomnia about two out of three nights. (I keep thinking about women who throw up throughout their pregnancy, and I’m reminded of how good I have it.)

We are both ridiculously happy. It is an odd thing to be so physically miserable and spent, and so giddy and joyful all at the same time. With each new wave of nausea, I am trying to remember to thank God that He is still growing our baby and ask Him for the grace to respond humbly to the challenges He is allowing. The stress of the new job and the move in the middle of a tough semester has been difficult, but has ultimately pulled Andrew and me closer together as we learn in new ways how to work together as a team. Most importantly, it has shown me my need for God in every moment. I am utterly dependent on Him and His grace on every step of this new journey. He is so faithful.

So…the craziness of life has kept me from writing, but I hope to blog more about this new adventure. We’ve known about Yaffie (our baby, name explanation forthcoming) for a month exactly, and it is crazy how much we already love him/her. Several people have asked if I will be sharing a pregnancy journal. I do plan to post some regular updates on the joys and jolts of my first pregnancy as it progresses. I have the tiniest little baby bump started, which is the most exciting news I have to share so far. =)

I am only 8.5 weeks, and this baby still belongs to God and always will. But Lord-willing, I will have many happy stories to share over the next seven or eight months and beyond. Either way, I am beyond grateful for every day that God allows me to be a mom.

Let’s talk soon!



One thought on “A Chronicle of Recent Craziness

  1. Michelle says:

    It really is crazy to see how busy you guys have been when you write it all out! I’m so thankful you know the Lord is sustaining you through it all, and are rejoicing even as you deal with the sickness. I was praying for you guys this morning, and part of my list was that the nausea would go away, but I know you are giving thanks either way. I love you, Abigail, and Andrew and Yaffie too!

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