{My Pregnancy Journal} 9 Weeks

Well, I thought 9 weeks was as good a time as ever to begin a weekly pregnancy journal here on the blog. I’m planning to leave out the really gross or personal pregnancy details, but I’m sorry in advance if anything I share is disgusting to you.

First, the story behind the “womb name”. Yaffie is short for a Hebrew word that means “beautiful”. Andrew is buried in his second semester of Hebrew (he’s actually reading his Hebrew Bible as I type this) so drawing from that language seemed appropriate. :) It has been so fun to have a name instead of just saying “the baby” and our family has gotten on board with it, too…I love to get texts asking how Yaffie is doing. :)

At this stage, I am really tired and nauseous. This week, every day was pretty bad in that regard except for yesterday. And as soon as Andrew and I “hit the town” last night, big waves of nausea came right back. There was a moment where I thought for sure I’d have to throw up in the bushes on a mini golf course. It always seems worse when I am with people or have responsibilities.

One thing I’d never heard is that my prenatal vitamins would help my nails grow. They are longer and stronger than ever before, so I’ve enjoyed having pretty nails. I wear a mask when I do them, as I am being extremely (overly?) vigilant about breathing in chemicals. I also switched to a 100% organic coconut oil deodorant and I’m only using organic moisturizers for my face and hands. Both seem to work better than previous products anyway.

Every Sunday on the way to church, I read out loud from my pregnancy app about Yaffie’s new developments. He is now the size of a cherry, and my uterus is bigger than a grapefruit. What amazed us this week is that some babies are already sucking their thumbs at this age! Our Creator is truly incredible and intricate in His design.

I think that’s about it for Week 9! Praising God for another seven days that He has entrusted Yaffie to our care.


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