{My Pregnancy Journal} 10 Weeks

DSC_0363First, sorry for the messy hair and sleepy eyes. I just got up from an amazing Sunday afternoon nap!

At 10 weeks, we are 1/4 of the way through the pregnancy! Pretty crazy!

Yaffie is definitely still growing. I have had some pretty intense nausea this week. It is not uncommon for me to walk around the house gagging audibly. I tried to stifle it for awhile, but it seems just a hair easier to handle if I “let it go” in a gag instead of swallowing every three seconds. Don’t worry, I’m still exercising self control in public. But along with higher levels of nausea I also got some extended breaks from it, like Wednesday and Friday afternoons. It is nice to catch a glimpse of what life might be like again in a few weeks. I’m still so thankful not to be throwing up!

Toward the beginning of the week, I was having a hard time eating anything at all. But the past few days I can’t stop, despite the queasy tummy! I’ve downed SO much. I don’t know if Yaffie’s on a growth spurt or what, but I am definitely putting away more than 300 calories of extra food per day (which is what is recommended at this stage).

By the evening I look a lot more pregnant than I did in the morning. I read that this can be due to a number of things like bloating or just the back muscles loosening up and stretching out over the course of the day. I really haven’t felt bloated or constipated (fresh lemon water daily is warding off those issues) but clearly my prune-sized baby isn’t the reason for the “bump” yet. My abdomen area feels really tight and I guess partly, being short means everything has nowhere to go but straight out as my uterus grows. For once in my life, my jeans fit just right without a belt.

Tomorrow is our first “real” doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping the ultrasound I got in the ER at 6 weeks was accurate in estimating a November 23 due date.

We are pretty much set on our baby girl name and have narrowed our boy names down to three options. This is probably one of my favorite topics of discussion as we fall asleep at night. Meanwhile, Andrew can’t wait for Yaffie’s hearing to develop so he can start talking to him at bedtime. These are sometimes long but amazing days that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!

One thought on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 10 Weeks

  1. Yay for not throwing up! Amazing how much you’re already showing :) Same here on the names, we nailed a girl’s name (actually, Kyle did) but we’re still not decided on a boy’s name!

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