{My Pregnancy Journal} 12 Weeks

12weeksTwelve weeks! This has been in my head as a milestone I longed to reach since day one of knowing we were expecting. Although the first trimester officially concludes at 13 weeks, everything I knew and read about miscarriage indicated that you are safely out of the  typical “danger zone” after 12 weeks. Of course, as I’ve written about, anything can happen at any time, and God is in total control over Yaffie’s life, but I am just rejoicing that He has chosen to bring us this far!

Nothing new to report on the “symptoms” front. The nausea continues but I think I am in the home stretch! Most people star to turn a corner sometime between 12-14 weeks.

We’ve pretty much settled now on our boy name, which we love, so we are ready for either gender! I got a free pack-n-play from a seminary family yesterday (what a blessing!) and I couldn’t resist setting it up when we got home. We’ll probably use it as our travel one, and get a new one, with adjustable heights for when Yaffie is little, to use as his “permanent” crib. I had planned on just using one, but since we were given one, I think that plan will be more efficient and handy.

Andrew treated me to a lovely lunch in honor of my first Mother’s Day yesterday. It was surreal in many ways. I wore a stretchy maternity t-shirt just because I could. I also got a free book in Doulos for being the only first-time expectant mom there on Sunday. =)

Yaffie is the size of a lime now and has all the necessary components for life! Isn’t that incredible?! God’s design just blows my mind.

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