{My Pregnancy Journal} 13 Weeks

IMG_1111So, I’m still taking my photos on Sundays but sometimes I’m too busy to write my post until Monday. =) I’m 13 weeks now! Most of what I’ve read seems to generally agree that this is the beginning of the second trimester, although some sources say 12 and some 14. I’m going with my pregnancy app, which says 13 although 14 is probably more accurate since you’re technically not actually pregnant for the first two. (Dumbest “weeks” system ever, if you ask me.)

Anywayyy…we are hanging in there! I thought the nausea was starting to dissipate Wednesday and Thursday but not so much the next few days. Still waiting for that magical corner I’m told I should be turning any day. =)

snoogleOkay, and I got this incredible thing called a snoogle. I know, I know. It sounds really dumb and looks even sillier. But oh my goodness, I’m finally comfortable at night! I realize that it sounds absurd to say I’ve been uncomfortable at night in my first trimester, but honestly since conception I’ve had the most restless nights. And it’s not a mind-thing, because for the first three weeks I didn’t even know I was pregnant. I just knew I was having frustrating insomnia. The snoogle doesn’t magically make me sleep a lot more, because obviously hormones and other things are what are robbing me of Z’s, but it does allow me to stay comfortable and keep from tossing and turning while I’m awake throughout the night. I highly recommend it and I will be dedicating a post entirely to its many possible uses soon! I caught Andrew trying it out but he heard me snap a picture, so unfortunately, the evidence was promptly destroyed.

Yaffie is the size of a tangerine now and I am guessing we’ll get to hear his heartbeat at our doctor’s appointment next week! That’s a milestone I’ve been very much looking forward to. Now that we are into the second trimester, I’m starting to really look into baby equipment and supplies. It’s the most fun project I’ve ever had to research.

Praising God for His care and love and undeserved gifts…I am so grateful to be a mommy!

4 thoughts on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 13 Weeks

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure who the “Andrew” is you’re talking about, but your husband Andrew denies any accusation that he may or may not have snoogled the snoogle.

  2. I LOOOOOOVED my Snoogle (and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone write about/share it). It only gets better as your pregnancy moves along.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you rest, nausea-free days, and many blessings.

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