{My Pregnancy Journal} “Not With Yaff”

photo (9)It’s crazy how knowing I’m carrying Yaffie changes so many little things. Andrew and I are both much more conscientious in certain areas. Now, getting to bed at a decent time affects more than just me. Skipping breakfast is bad for more than just my health. Drinking water and taking vitamins are about keeping Yaffie healthy.

We’ve developed a little saying that comes up often around here. “Not with Yaff.” We’ll use it in a number of situations. It started one day when we were sitting at a green light waiting to make a left hand turn. Andrew remarked, “I could have made it there,” to which I responded, “Not with Yaffie in the car.”

Now it’s been shortened to “Not with Yaff” and we say it all the time, like when we could dash across the cross walk to make it before the timer runs down, or when I’m tempted to eat something really bad for me. It’s a fun reminder that there are more than just the two of us to think about now, and it makes having a third little person feel more real.

Andrew wanted me to blog this little saying so we wouldn’t forget it one day when we have six (Andrew would say four) little Yaffies running around. It’s probably just a first-time parent thing, but Yaffie’s already a pretty big part of our lives. =)

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