{My Pregnancy Journal} 14 Weeks

IMG_1161Well, no matter how you slice it, now I’m for sure into the second trimester! Feels good! As in, mentally it’s nice…I’m not actually feeling any better yet. This photo is 14 weeks, two days. Sunday got busy and I forgot to have Andrew snap my picture then.

Yaffie is the size of a nectarine and is practicing swallowing on his own!

My lower back cramping/pain has come back, sometimes just for a minute or two but with quite a bit of intensity when it does. Overall I am sleeping a lot better than the first 11 weeks or so, which is a huge relief. I am now experiencing the joys of pregnancy acne, although a coconut oil self-facial is already dramatically improving that problem. I can still hide “the bump” depending on what I am wearing, but it is getting more difficult. A little kid pointed to my tummy on Sunday and exclaimed, “Why are you so BIG?!” I didn’t realize it was that obvious already. =)

We picked up the stroller/car seat combination yesterday and it was so fun to pull out of the box and imagine our own little Yaffie buckled in snuggly.

There’s not much else to report…Yaffie keeps growing and we have our next appointment this Friday! So much to be thankful for!

One thought on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 14 Weeks

  1. So exciting! Are you having a baby shower? if so, dont go crazy buying yourself stuff, save your money and leave it to your registry ;) I’m 7 weeks along.

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