My Journey to Better Health {Part 1}

1459967_10152490236018109_7490556494908558576_nThere’s a lot of controversy these days about gluten free, paleo, and healthy eating in general. Many swear by these lifestyle changes, while others claim that their apparent effects are mostly if not entirely placebo. I think this is a case-by-case issue, and while many people (celiac, for example) are dangerously allergic to gluten, there are also thousands of self-proclaimed gluten intolerant people who have no real sensitivity.

I thought I would take a few posts to tell my “story” in case any of the things I used to experience might help someone else pinpoint and cure their problems. I’m an entirely different person from who I was about a year-and-a-half ago, and I believe it is mostly due to some major diet changes. At the same time, I know that the mind is incredibly powerful and is directly linked to our bodies and their well-being, so I’m willing to recognize that some of my improvements may have been due to the placebo effect, although I doubt it. Quite frankly, I don’t really care, because placebo or not, I feel like a new person.

Warning: I am going to spare few medical details, so if you are easily grossed out or don’t want to hear about my past physical ailments, read no further. 

I visited a naturopath in September of 2012. I was originally going because my cycle was virtually nonexistent. I could go months without a period (as in six or more), and then have two heavy periods back to back in the span of a few weeks. This caused a number of hormonal irregularities and frustrations. As I spoke with my naturopath about other symptoms in my life and began verbalizing how I felt a lot of the time, I realized I had a lot more problems that I just thought were normal.

I felt sick almost every single morning, and the earlier I got up, the worse it was. It wasn’t exactly a nausea, in fact it’s very hard to explain. It was like a really heavy gut feeling and a yucky taste in my throat. Let’s just say getting out of bed was extremely difficult. Diarrhea in the morning was normal for me, and if not, it meant I was constipated.

I was also low on energy, and I felt lethargic and sort of foggy-brained most afternoons. But all of these symptoms had come on so gradually over the course of a few years, that I had come to accept them as normal and just thought everyone must feel like crap in the morning and deal with constant digestive trouble.

Happily, I was wrong, and there was no reason for me to continue living this way. Enter God’s gracious care by way of a naturopath.

To be continued…

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