{My Pregnancy Journal} 15 Weeks

photoSorry for the selfie. On Wednesday when I was working at the church, I walked by the bathroom mirror and realized that, without a maternity shirt or a big meal or my hand over my tummy, I really looked pregnant. It was an exciting moment. =)

This week, my app said that Yaffie is the size of an apple! I am not sure why, but the jump from nectarine to apple seemed huge to me and I was SO excited! The highlight of our week was hearing Yaffie’s little heartbeat thumping away at the doctor’s Friday. It was incredible, even better than the ultrasound. Andrew videoed so we can listen to it anytime.

Now I am eagerly awaiting feeling the first movement. My app said that some people feel their babies as early as 15 weeks, but with my first pregnancy it is likely to be a little later. I literally get tears in my eyes just thinking about feeling a little flutter inside me. (Yeah, I get suuuuuper emotional about happy/sentimental things these days.) Andrew thinks it’s so cute that no matter where I go, Yaffie is “just hangin’ out” with me. It’s the only time in my life when our baby will never be out of my sight.

We opened our stroller and unfolded it just to get a look. It’s perfect. I’m watching Craigslist for a changing table with drawers now. We have room against one wall in our bedroom for that.

I’m sleeping a little better now and getting up less at night. My jeans/pants, which were all about two sizes too big before the pregnancy, barely snap now. I guess there are perks to being too skinny for your jeans. =) If I’m seated, bending over (like to grab my purse during church) is extremely uncomfortable. Yaffie doesn’t like being crowded. =) The last few days the nausea has been generally less and easier fixed with food, and although I still gag a lot and very easily, it is more bearable. Hopefully this means I am finally headed out of this long season of sickness! Yesterday marked 10 weeks since I first threw up my prenatals. Whew. I’m glad I didn’t know then how long it would last.

Again, there is SO much to be thankful for! I was looking (and of course, bawling) over the photos on the Facebook page for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. It’s a nonprofit that provides professional photography to families whose babies are not expected to survive past birth. I am reminded that nothing should be taken for granted. God is so gracious to have given us Yaffie for these 15 weeks!

One thought on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 15 Weeks

  1. jennifer says:

    So glad you are starting to feel better! My second and third trimester I feel healthier and stronger than when I am not pregnant. You’re adorable. ;) ~Jenn

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