{My Pregnancy Journal} 17 Weeks

10309480_10152549281268109_2854886907349093041_n This may have been the most exciting week of the pregnancy so far.

We learned we are having a BOY! We could not be more ecstatic. We had an amazing one-hour ultrasound (done by friend Roxana) with our moms, where we got to watch our little guy kicking and stretching and batting his tiny arms. We could see his fingers, toes, spine, bladder, brain lobes, and heart. It was absolutely incredible and awe-inspiring. I’ve included a 3-D picture of him. If he’s not your baby, you’ll probably find it a little creepy. But I am absolutely in love.

As if finding out that we are having a son wasn’t enough, a few hours later he gave me the first noticeable kicks! I felt a little bump inside me and got excited, then thought it was probably nothing. But a few seconds later, I felt a very distinct “thump, thump, thump”. Three little kicks right in a row. It was absolutely incredible. Haven’t felt anything since but now I know what to watch for. =)

CalebMarkOur little guy’s name is Caleb Mark. He is named after our good friend, Caleb B, and we also love the strong Biblical character that Caleb is in the Old Testament. Of course, Mark is after Andrew’s dad, and it is also Andrew’s middle name. Caleb means “whole-hearted” or “faithful”. We are already praying that Caleb would embrace Jesus as his Savior at an early age and follow Him whole-heartedly for his entire life.

Pregnancy keeps showing me in new ways the power and majesty of our great God and His mind-blowing design. He is worthy to be praised, for the many facets of His perfect character!

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