{My Pregnancy Journal} 18 Weeks

DSC_0542Well, I came into today’s post thinking I wouldn’t have much to share. But then the 18 week mark turned out to be a pretty exciting day!

I hadn’t felt the little Yaffster move since the ultrasound day over a week ago. Today during both special music numbers at church, I felt him wiggling. And I cried.

When we came home from friends’ this evening, I lay in bed and played a few Michael Card songs fairly loudly. The little guy started playing again! I called Andrew into our room, but after a minute or two of trying, he wasn’t able to feel any of the movements and went back to homework. But then Caleb got a little bit more excited and I called Andrew again. This time, he distinctly felt him move three times in a row! (Yes, I teared up again.) It was a breathtaking experience for both of us and my favorite moment to date, besides when we found out he was a boy. photo (12)

Nothing can top that, but in the health department this was by far my best week yet. I am absolutely beyond grateful to be feeling so great. The gags come few and far between and my energy is increasing, although I could still take a nap every afternoon if I had the time. =)

Caleb Mark is the size of a bell pepper and is pumping a lot of blood through his little body every day. I am getting more and more excited to meet him in person. We are almost halfway there!

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