{My Pregnancy Journal} 19 Weeks

10428328_10152582879388109_1197535404438323267_oThis. This is what I naively imagined when I pictured pregnancy. Feeling my baby kicking and squirming, “window shopping” adorable newborn outfits online, wearing real maternity clothes, and gradually pecking away at home organization to prepare for a new little resident. Of course, I’ve still got all the typical back pain, unexpected spurts of nausea, acne, and heavy fatigue, but I can feel the little life inside me and I am plenty well to get to my work and keep up around the house. I love being pregnant! =) (Remind me I said that the next time I am between weeks 5-16.)

I had a sweet moment with baby on Saturday. I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare and snuggled up against Andrew. Then the little Yaffster started kicking and squirming. Andrew felt him before falling back asleep, and then I lay there for well over five minutes just feeling him wiggling. It was so precious. Andrew and I can both feel him now every day and the kicks are getting stronger.

Caleb is the size of a mango this week. I went shopping for little boy clothes for the first time and found a number of adorable little outfits at a great thrift store about 25 minutes away. I realized that I am in love with overalls of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Next week is the halfway marker!

3 thoughts on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 19 Weeks

  1. It’s so fun to hear you are absolutely loving pregnancy even with the “icky” moments. I just had an icky hour but that’s behind me and I’m back to being enamored with pregnancy :) Funny how easy it is to forget the bad parts hu? Haha. Oh and I totally agree on overalls! I got a pair from my aunt and Kyle thinks they’re just the cutest things ever. Hugs to you.

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