Taking Stock

GirlsI’m stealing this from my cousin who stole it from a blog who stole it from another blog. After something’s been stolen at least three times it’s fair game, right?

Making: progress on settling into our apartment. (Yeah…it’s taking me awhile.)
Eating: belated ice cream cake for my patient hubby.
Drinking: freshly-squeezed orange juice made from organic California oranges!
Reading: Stepping Heavenward, The Maze Runner, The Unfinished Church, and about four other books.
Wanting: this amazing stage of pregnancy to take its time.
Looking: for a changing table on Craigslist.
Playing: Dots. It’s a game that I tell myself keeps my “baby brain” sharp.
Wasting: the homemade gluten free mac n cheese I didn’t quite finish eating in time to save.
Wishing: I could share the gospel with our baby and have him understand and embrace it right now.
Enjoying: a quieter week with no vacant apartments to rent!
Waiting: to hit the road for a weekend in San Jose with the fam!
Cherishing: last memories with a dear seminary friend who will be moving away in two weeks.
Liking: our air conditioning.
Wondering: what baby Caleb will look like.
Loving: The Valley of Vision and Isaiah in the mornings.
Missing: everyone we love back home.
Hoping: the baby comes a week ahead of schedule.
Marveling: at the tiny hands and feet that are poking and kicking me throughout the day.
Needing: a long-overdue pedicure.
Smelling: nothing in particular, which is just fine with me.
Wearing: an elastic-wasted skirt and one of just a few shirts that still fits right.
Following: the Seattle Mariners and their sudden burst of momentum.
Noticing: how much I have to do before we leave on that little road trip tomorrow…
Knowing: that I am pardoned and loved by an amazing Savior.
Thinking: about which corner of the living room will become baby’s nursery.
Feeling: hot and sleepy.
Craving: more orange juice. One can never have enough.

One thought on “Taking Stock

  1. Mindy W. says:

    You can share the gospel with Caleb, just read your devotions out loud. (and keep doing it once he is out too) Wish granted! ;-)

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