{My Pregnancy Journal} 20 Weeks

20 weeksWe’re here! We’ve made it to halfway! I can hardly believe it. I do not take this pregnancy for granted and I am just overwhelmed that God would allow me to safely carry our little boy to the halfway marker so far. I am loving this stage of pregnancy so very much. Baby moves all the time (except when I want other people to feel him…then he goes dark for awhile). However, my mom, grandma, and cousins Hannah and Jillian did all manage to each feel at least one kick this past weekend while we were visiting the Bay Area. It is also fun to watch my tummy “pop” with little kicks or punches here and there.

One thing that has changed is that up until about a week ago, I was only feeling Caleb on the far left of my stomach. Now he is all over the place, even all the way over to the right. One moment he’ll kick there, and the next I’ll feel a thump on the opposite side. He is definitely taking up residence!

My latest baby find was the exact changing table I’d been hoping to have, half price, on Craigslist. I got it for $75 and, bonus, it was already assembled, saving Andrew a lot of time had I bought it on Amazon. I’ll post a photo of it at some point. It is darling. White with three cubbies and two drawers. It resides in our bedroom now and I am so excited to turn one little wall into the “nursery”, where baby will sleep when he is first born, and after that just for his daytime naps.

I’ve been thinking more and more about what our little guy will look like. Will he have round cheeks? Will he be bald or have a thick head of dark hair? I would be so excited if he looks like Andrew…he was an adorable child. I have included photographic proof below. =)

I was asked for the first time today by a tenant if I am pregnant. I was so excited to get that question!

My appetite is mostly enormous, except when I am really hot…which does seem to be a lot of the time these days. What I wouldn’t give for a pool in our apartment complex this summer…but I am very grateful for fans and decent A/C!

scan0086  scan0031

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