{My Pregnancy Journal} 21 Weeks

Here we are at 21 weeks and baby just keeps growing. =) We heard the reassuring sound of his little heartbeat again this past week, as if I needed the reminderunnamed that he is still in there…his constant kicks and rolls don’t let me forget his presence. Talk about an active baby. Most days it’s not a question of when he’s moving, it’s a question of when he’s not. I am so in love with him, it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve felt his tiny limbs press against me, I still fully relish every single thump. My very favorite thing in the world is when he’s been squirming and suddenly somehow presses himself firmly up against me, so that I can feel what must be either his head or his little bum. It’s absolutely incredible and I always want it to last forever, but he rolls again quite quickly, sometimes before I can grab Andrew to feel him.

Andrew got back from school this week one day and was remarking how it had hit him in a real way for the first time that in a few months, he’ll be coming home to two of us, not just me. I had also just that day been thinking down the road to when he can toddle, and how we will make a walk to our mailbox a daily adventure together. I can just picture him teetering along in an adorable pair of overalls, helping me get the mail.

While the nausea is certainly nowhere near where it was the first trimester, I do still have moments fairly often where it hits me. My stomach is just extra sensitive. I can now say that I have thrown up on the side of the road in both Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks.

I’m going to try a few things this week to see if I can kill this terrible pregnancy acne. It’s been driving me nuts! My sciatic nerve has become extremely painful when I move from a lying to sitting or standing position, but the more I ice it, the less it hurts, so I am trying to stay faithful with that at least every night. I don’t mind something extra to help cool me down, either. =)

That’s about all the news I can think of to share now. Thursday we will have our anatomy ultrasound, where they check to make sure the baby has all his organs, four chambers in his heart, etc. We are excited to see our little guy again! =)

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