{My Pregnancy Journal} 22 Weeks

photoThis week was another amazing one, as we had our anatomy ultrasound and were able to see Caleb again for the first time in five weeks. My biggest wish came true, and Caleb gave me a big kick while I watched it happen on the screen. It was so exciting to see and feel him kick me simultaneously, and now I can more accurately picture what’s going on when he is kicking me. Caleb is measuring exactly three days ahead of his due date, just as he was at my 12 week ultrasound, so it seems I may really be due November 20. I’ll keep counting my weeks as I have been, though, because I know he could likely come late anyway. =) He is a little bit tall for his age, which is funny since Andrew and I are both below average height. The doctor guessed that he will “taper down” to a more average height by the time he is born, whatever that means. Praise the Lord everything is in tact and growing properly. His brain has everything it should at this point, and the four chambers in his little heart are doing their job. On Thursday he weighed exactly one pound, which is funny because I think I have gained around 15 since becoming his mommy!

CalebCaleb continues to be an active little guy, kicking and squirming constantly. I am now feeling him when standing, too. For awhile I only felt him move when sitting or lying down. I have spent hours staring at this photo of his precious little face. He already truly looks like Andrew’s toddler/young boy pictures to me, especially his mouth. Could be just wishful thinking. =)

IMG_1328I’ve also included a photo of my Craigslist changing table, all ready to accommodate countless diaper changes and house adorable baby clothes. =) The Paddington Bear atop it was Andrew’s when he was little. I am hoping to order a decal soon to put above the table…we picked one that is a family of three elephants following each other, holding one another’s tails.

Another week bites the dust! Until next time! =)


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