{My Pregnancy Journal} 23 Weeks

photo (2)At 23 weeks, the pregnant waddle is officially in full swing. It feels and looks so funny, but it’s automatically the way my legs and hips move now. Baby kicks and wiggles and rolls more than ever. Some days I wonder if he’s slept at all, because it seems like he is kicking from sun up to sun down! He’s got an awful lot of energy for only weighing a pound, and I am starting to wonder if we will have our hands full with a very active little boy. Maybe he will look like Andrew but have my personality. =)

A few nights ago while Andrew was feeling my kicks and wiggles, Caleb stuck his foot out against Andrew’s hand and left it there for a while, kicking a few more times and then leaving his foot up against Andrew’s hand. Precious.

The only current pregnancy downsides are sporadic insomnia, sciatic nerve pain, and acne. I’ve been trying some natural remedies for the acne but so far nothing is helping. It is uncomfortable and of course looks terrible, but I am accepting it as par for the course while doing what I can to tame it. There are much worse symptoms I could be dealing with!

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