{My Pregnancy Journal} 25 Weeks

elephants The number 25 just has a ring to it, doesn’t it? I am getting more excited to meet this little wiggle worm by the day! We had an excellent doctor’s appointment on Thursday and we are taking a birth class this weekend! I started full-on nesting over this past weekend, giving our walk-in closet a complete makeover and going through all of my clothes. I put away another big box that I won’t be fitting into for awhile, and compiled another Goodwill bag. It felt wonderful. =) On Friday, Andrew helped me apply our elephant decal and move the changing table. Our room is almost Caleb-ready now, we just need a pack-n-play or a mini crib. Haven’t decided which yet. =)

photo (5)-001I’ve been having Braxton Hicks now for weeks and just finally realized that’s what they are after doing some reading. They are 100% painless and usually result in Caleb sticking out on one side or the other of my stomach, giving me a lopsided look. I read that a very active baby contributes to frequent Braxton Hicks. That makes sense since this little guy is kicks me a lot!

I have been listening to three songs constantly: A Mother’s Prayer by the Gettys, Your Whole Life Long by Twila Paris, and Haven’t Met You Yet by Mark Schultz. I sing them all to Caleb throughout the day.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love the second trimester! =)

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