{My Pregnancy Journal} 27 Weeks

27 weeksWelcome to the third trimester! It feels so great (and exhausting) to have reached the third and final phase of pregnancy. Wow, am I tiring a lot easier than I was a month ago. I’ve noticed my energy declining over the past few weeks. Along with more sleepiness, my legs and feet ache easily and frequently, especially on busy apartment days when I don’t have much time to sit down. However, I will gladly take achey legs in exchange for the fact that my acne is starting to fade! Woo hoo! It has been really bad for awhile now, and absolutely nothing was helping. I’ve tried so many things, I’m not sure which one is doing the trick, but I am so grateful to have a chin that is starting to clear up and doesn’t hurt anymore! Yahoo! Andrew is a gem and never once said anything about my sorry complexion.

Insomnia from the first trimester also seems to be returning, although it isn’t every night. It seems like I get a really good night of sleep, and then several in a row where it feels as though I am up all night, though in reality I know I am getting more rest than I think. I feel like this is decent preparation for the sleep deprivation I am to face upon baby’s arrival! =)

Caleb just keeps kick, kick, kicking! I am finding it harder to fall asleep at night, as that seems to be his favorite playtime. Sometimes I can feel his hand or foot brush all the way across my stomach from one side to the other. I never get tired of it. I also have to get up a lot more in the night as he puts more pressure on my bladder, and nearly every time, he’s squirming when I wake up. He tends to sleep in the mornings when I am up and working, then gets active again if I drink a glass of water.

For the first time since learning we were expecting, I am truly feeling impatient to meet the little Yaffster. Andrew shares my sentiments. Somehow it feels like it’s just time for him to arrive! But we’ve still got a few months left and lots to do in the meantime. November will be here before we know it!

I’m so excited about my latest baby finds. After getting baby carrier input from other LA moms, I chose the Ergo Original Baby Carrier and Infant Insert. (I also have a sling/wrap style one that was handed down to me, but Andrew wanted one we could share and that would last a long time.) I was delighted that on my first day of Craigslist hunting, I found the Ergo and insert brand new in the box for $75! I saved $60! And it was even the pattern I had hoped for.

I also picked out my diaper bag after extensive research. I know, I know…I overthink small things. But I was looking for something durable, practical, and cute, but not too feminine so that Andrew would feel comfortable carrying it around. (He is SO excited to pack Caleb places by himself!) It was $55 on Amazon, and I found it in like-new condition on consignment for $13! I could hardly believe it, it was one of only five or six diaper bags in the store. God just keeps providing in amazing ways and I am so thankful.

Less than three months ’til the due date and so much to work on before then! Once again, I am in awe that God would bless us with such a healthy, happy pregnancy for six months now. He is so kind to us!

One thought on “{My Pregnancy Journal} 27 Weeks

  1. Corina says:

    Your bump is so cute! Exciting about those awesome finds! I definitely think the insomnia is God’s way of prepping us for being up with the baby :o) I usually am very groggy in the middle of the night but lately I become alert quite quickly when I get up for a potty break :)

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