{My Pregnancy Journal} 28 Weeks

It’s been a kind of crazy week. When eight apartments in your 26 unit building get set to turn over within a 6-week period, and you’re scrambling to finish brain dumping almost six years of administrative work into your replacement, you can plan on mayhem for a while.

I now feel HICCUPS! I felt them for the first time between 27 and 28 weeks and it was adorable. I also had my gestational diabetes test, which came back fine, praise the Lord! Going without food and water until 1:30 in the afternoon and then driving myself to Beverly Hills to get poked is not something I wanted to do again anytime soon! The things we do for baby.

The photo in this post is from last Saturday, when a friend invited me to join her at her friend’s pool for the afternoon. It was over 100 degrees that day, and floating in a cool body of water all afternoon was possibly the most therapeutic thing I’ve enjoyed this pregnancy.

photo (8)My feet hurt whether I’ve been on them for 10 minutes or all morning. And my legs ache after walking more than across the room! And (obviously) I am just always tired. On Wednesday, after work I crashed on the couch at 6:30 PM and went to bed two hours later and it felt incredible! =)

I’ve never been happier, and I am so thankful for the physical ability to keep chucking, especially in this busy season. I know many women end up on bed rest or are still sick in their last trimester, and I am praising God that I am not one of them! Considering everything my body is trying to accomplish inside me, I feel amazing! God’s design is so impressive.

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