{My Pregnancy Journal} 29 Weeks

How is it possible to be this in love with our little man when we haven’t even met him yet? I love to talk to him and “listen” to his kicks and wiggles. This week was really special, as both my parents, my mother-in-law, and my dear friend Brittney got to feel Yaff10665715_10152757687118109_7275319311239455925_n kicking and/or hiccuping. And yes, the hiccups continue! I feel them almost every day, and sometimes multiple times in a day. Sometimes they are a few seconds apart, other times they are one right after the other. Andrew likes to pat my tummy and say, “Just swallow a little amniotic fluid, buddy.”

For close to a year now, at home Andrew has exclusively called me “Bluebird” or “Blue”. I can’t remember the last time he called me anything else when we were alone. So now we refer to our little one as “the Baby Bluebird”. I don’t know if that will stick, but I really like it during this pregnancy. =)

As of this week I am having days when I feel very pregnant. It’s a lot harder to bring myself up off the couch, walk through small spaces, and just move in general after a meal. It scares me to think about continuing to grow for 2.5 more months! =) I am so grateful to not have experienced any heartburn and hope that continues!

This little guy is a joy to  our hearts! God is so good!


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