{My Pregnancy Journal} 30 Weeks

photo (12)30 weeks! This week I officially started feeling very large. Something like a beached whale when I’m lying down, in fact. Getting out of bed or off the couch is considerably more difficult. My legs and feet ache like crazy a lot of the time and I just don’t move very fast. I am always tired. I guess these things mean I am heading toward the home stretch! =)

Oh, and scratch what I said about the acne getting better. That was a few wonderful and short-lived days. I think acne is just something I have to deal with when I’m expecting, and like I said before, it’s a lot better than other symptoms I could be experiencing!

My favorite thing these days is also my least favorite thing: baby’s hiccups. It’s absolutely the cutest thing in the world, but it is really annoying at the same time because it feels like an uncontrollable muscle twitch and I start to go a bit crazy from it after about five minutes. Andrew has tried a little “boo” to scare the hiccups away, but Yaff keeps right on hiccuping. =)

I just realized that what I have been able to feel on the inside, Andrew has been able to feel from the outside immediately. The first day I felt movement for long enough to “catch” (i.e. more than the one little series of three “thumps” I’d felt the week before), Andrew was able to feel him too. The first day Yaff had the hiccups, Andrew could feel them. This is different from what I had read, and very special! =) Makes me feel like Andrew isn’t missing out on anything I’m getting to enjoy.

I’m now visiting the doctor every two weeks. Everything seems to be right on track and I’m hoping that sooner or later I’ll hear, “He looks like he might be getting ready to come a week or two early.” Wishful thinking…but one can dream. =)

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