{Mommy Journal} I Knew I Was a Mom When

pic2-001Life is so very different since November 15. I’ve found myself doing or thinking things that have made it hit me in afresh: I’m a mom now. It’s a strange and wonderful “new normal”.

I knew I was a mom when…

  • I suddenly enjoyed being up almost every morning by 6 AM.
  • I nearly cried when my baby outgrew his newborn clothes.
  • I found myself brushing my hair for the first time that day while walking into a doctor appointment.
  • I got to board the airplane ahead of “normal” people.
  • My nice sweater got spit up on while in public and I didn’t even care.
  • When remembering the worst pain of my life, I knew I would do it all again in a heartbeat for my little man.
  • I had to start emptying my phone’s storage regularly due to photo overload.
  • I stopped using an alarm clock and started waking to my baby’s hunger cues instead.
  • Just making the bed made me feel proud.
  • I qualified for the carpool lane without having someone ride shotgun.
  • I found myself thinking, “the days are going by too fast” just a few days after Caleb’s birth.
  • I stared at a sleeping baby for hours without getting bored.
  • A humorous yet sentimental three-minute YouTube video about motherhood made me cry.
  • I lost my hairbrush and my mother-in-law found it in a Pampers diaper box.
  • I found myself watching movies of my baby while holding him.
  • A solo trip to the laundromat sounded like a relaxing little “outing”.
  • I went all day desperately needing and wanting a shower but never got one.

Likely to be continued…

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