{Mommy Journal} The “Yes” Cupboard


I have gleaned a lot of wisdom from experienced mothers throughout this journey thus far. I’m so thankful for God’s design of older women who can mentor and counsel and advise as we first-timers stumble along. I thought as time allows, I would start sharing little parenting tips that have been passed along to me.

An older wise woman in our Bible study, who has several of her own (almost) grown children and currently nannies little ones, strongly recommended having a “yes” cupboard in the kitchen: one cupboard that Caleb was allowed to get into and do anything he wanted with.

“You want him to be in the kitchen with you, don’t you?” she pointed out. “So designating a cupboard that he is allowed to play in is a great way to encourage him to ‘help’ you.”

DSC_0676This was around the age of 8 months, and although I liked the concept, I was skeptical that Caleb would understand the difference between the “yes” cupboard and all the other “no” cupboards. But I gave it a try, and sure enough, through training, Caleb learned within a couple of days which cupboard he had the green light on. He had already been taught that all the cupboards were off-limits, it wasn’t difficult to show him that one special cupboard was his to enjoy.

Now, he frequently joins me  in the kitchen and goes straight for his cupboard. I keep the pots and pans, a rice cooker, and a basket of bottle accessories in it. He usually pulls everything out and makes a racket, plants roadblocks for me to maneuver while cooking, and creates memories that I’ll treasure forever.

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