{Mommy Journal} Sign Language

I’m neglecting to write down so many things I want to remember about Caleb! He’ll be 14 months on Friday, and he is more and more fun every day. One exciting thing to watch develop is his sign language. It’s been so helpful that he can communicate certain things with us, but it can also be very frustrating when it seems that he’s trying to sign something and we don’t know what it is! He has learned these signs from Andrew and me, but over the past three months or so he’s watched very limited Signing Time, mostly just when we have been sick, so a few of his signs have probably been reinforced through that. Here are the signs he knows to date:

more/please (one sign for him) =)
all done
thank you
touchdown (okay that’s not really a sign)

He just started signing “outside” today so we’ll see if it sticks. Sometimes he relapses and forgets a sign. He did that with “thank you” for a long time. I’ve been working on “drink” forever but that has not clicked yet!


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