A General Update – December 2013


Christmas Dinner 2013

Blog’s been quiet…a lot’s been happening…Christmas trip to visit loved ones, a couple of good old-fashioned flu bugs, holiday festivities, a trip to SeaWorld, and life in general. The break has been a very special time to share extra time together and catch up with friends and family! A few updates…

Follow-Up On My Good Intentions

I know you’re all on pins and needles to see if I followed through with my good intentions. ;) I scaled back my unrealistic plans and took small plates of brownies and chocolate to ten neighbors, along with a Christmas gospel message. It wasn’t as grand as I’d originally planned, but I love that even in a very simple gesture, God is sovereign and His truth is what changes hearts, not my presentation.

How Christmas Dinner Went Down

Remember my Christmas menu plans? I miraculously followed through on almost all of them. But due to our plane being canceled without warning and arriving home Christmas Eve Day at 6:00 PM instead of 10:30 AM, we didn’t have a nice supper that night, or the bacon with breakfast. The cinnamon rolls and all of Christmas dinner, however, still happened. The virgin orange strawberry mimosas were a hit; I’ll definitely be making those again! So easy, fresh, and tasty. Hooray!

A Short Break From Blogging

In keeping with my blog commitments, I am taking January off from blogging to work on getting myself back on track with consistent quiet times. This was an area of failure for me over Christmas break, with my Bible study ending until mid January and no plan in place for a replacement. I’m hoping to get an accountability partner here to help me stay consistent and I figured a 31-day blogging respite would help while I hopefully grow more disciplined. If you think of praying for me in this area, that would be wonderful! Because a dormant blog tends to attract spammers and deter readers, I have pre-written a few posts that are scheduled to automatically post over the next several weeks.

Happy New Year!

When I’m back in February, I’ll hopefully blog some of my goals, etc. for the new year and maybe some reflections on 2013. It was a wonderful, hard, good 365 days. God’s love, care, and grace were so evident in big and small ways and I am praising Him for another year of life and breath here on earth. Happy New Year, friends!

{New Series} Blown Away by Hebrews


I’m excited to start a new series here on the blog: Blown Away By Hebrews. I read Hebrews the other day and was reminded of why it’s one of my very favorite books in the Bible. Verse after verse just knocks me off my feet. The incredible story of God’s master plan of redemption and Jesus’ role as our permanent High Priest is mind-bogging and oh-so-beautiful. When I found out that the women’s Bible study I’ll be joining this fall is going through Hebrews, my heart sang. I’m looking forward to sharing from my own study as well as all that I glean from the teaching that starts up in a few weeks.

One of my favorite things about reading large chunks of Scripture at a time is getting the full context of well-known verses. Hebrews is no exception, and it just so happens that the theme verse for this blog is found in Hebrews. Over the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing how much context can add to the richness and meaning of verses we often quote in isolation.

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.” (Hebrews 6:19)

Can’t wait to jump into this wonderful book together!