{My Pregnancy Journal} Baby Lists

I’m starting to get that “baby’s almost here” excited/panicky feeling. I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow, which means that theoretically, Caleb could arrive without complications in 10 weeks. That sounds a little terrifying considering I have a lot to do before he does! I wrap up my administrative job of almost six years in two weeks, which will free me up a lot more, but in the meantime at least getting some lists down is making me feel more prepared.

Thank goodness for Wunderlist, my absolute favorite way to track to-dos and shopping lists. Yes, shameless plug here for the best free task management app out there. Give it a try! Works great in your browser, on your desktop, or on your phone. 

I have the following Wunderlists started.

  • Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit
  • Mommy’s Postpartum Basket (stole this lovely idea from my sister-in-law)
  • Labor Playlist Songs (you knew I would…)
  • Stock Up (general household things I don’t want to have to think about replenishing before the New Year)
  • Freezer Meals
  • Pre-Labor Prep (random things like draft our Christmas letter)

PicI’ll work on any leftover baby-specific needs after the shower my friend Julia is throwing for me at the end of September! Right now I’m focusing on things that will help the baby’s parents through labor and after. =)

And on this note, if you have any specific recommendations of items you loved/didn’t love having for labor and postpartum days, I am all ears! My cousin-in-law, sister-in-law, and I (who are all due with a baby within 6 weeks of each other) have been group messaging and it has been so helpful to get Shelby’s tips from her first labor!

{My Pregnancy Journal} 26 Weeks

photo (6)I am in my last week of my second trimester! Earlier this week I noticed my energy start to decrease a little from what it had been. I tire a lot more easily and although I am still gung-ho for projects, I crash very easily if I push myself too hard. It is exciting to be rounding that corner into the final stretch! With only 12 weeks to go until 38 weeks, it feels like Caleb’s arrival is right around the corner now.

This week I enjoyed introducing pregnancy yoga into my day via YouTube, and hands down the highlight of the week was birth class with Andrew. I learned so much and feel way more informed and ready for birth now! There was a lot I did not know about labor and I feel much better prepared to avoid common pitfalls and problems thanks to an excellent instructor and seven hours of lecture. The birth class was as unbiased as possible, but I am also all the more determined not to get an epidural after learning more about about the stages of labor and the upsides and downsides to medication. It’s going to be hard to turn down in the hospital so I known I may be eating my words halfway through labor!

The next step is to meet with my doula for my first of two pre-birth appointments and work on a birth plan together. I am excited for Andrew to meet her.

Caleb brings so much joy to my days. His kicks and flops never get old and I can’t wait to meet him! God’s care and protection are an incredible gift.