{Poetry} It’s a Red Cup Filled with Coffee


It’s a red cup filled with coffee
And a candle burning bright
It’s a sugar cookie wrapped with love
On a cold and starlit night
It’s the Hallmark movie channel
And footprints in the snow
It’s a Christmas pine with popcorn
And presents set below.
It’s gingerbread and peppermint
And eggnog by the fire
It’s classic carols sung with joy
And stories that inspire

Aaannnnd…I didn’t really get any further than that. At least yet. If I finish it, I’ll let you know.

I love this time of year, for so many reasons. One of the most recent is that December is our wedding month. Sharing our first married Christmas just seven days after our wedding was one of the most magical memories I have. This year is really different from all our past Christmases. We’ll be headed to Washington to visit family soon, but returning before the holiday so we can still share our own little family traditions, especially Christmas morning. I feel so blessed that LA really feels like home now, so I can say that we’ll be home for Christmas…

Merry Christmas to you and your family! If you missed my more meaningful poem about what the holiday really means, catch it here.

{Poetry} The Savior of the World is Here


The Savior of the World is Here

Jesus Christ, the newborn child
A sinless baby—undefiled.
Holy God in flesh displayed
And in a manger, humbly laid.

Sent to darkness, He the light
Yet in a stable cold tonight.
Baby Jesus, King of Kings
The way to God, this infant brings.

Tiny hands, so soft and sweet,
Youthful brow and tender feet.
Soon to bear the nail and thorn,
The mocking crowd; the brutal scorn.

He soon will face unrivaled pain—
A rugged cross, His blood will stain.
And men, once full of awe and praise
Will suddenly with hatred blaze.

Yet for tonight, this baby boy,
A gift from heaven, brings great joy,
A message loud and long and clear:
The Savior of the world is here!

Abigail Joy ~ December 2007

Learning: A Poem

I’m truly learning so much in this unique season of life. It’s impossible to wrap words around all the things God is doing in my heart, but it’s a beautiful thing to be assured of His hand within me, growing and transforming me day by day. This simple poem is just as fitting in my life now as it was when I first penned it.

Learning to trust Him, learning to die,
Learning to make His will my one cry.

Learning to linger and dwell in His Word,
Learning, when quiet, His voice will be heard.

Learning to worship Him, learning to praise,
Learning that He is my guide through the haze.

Learning His mountain’s not easy to climb,
Learning to take just one step at a time.

Learning to strive for a glorious reward…
All this by the grace of my wonderful Lord.

Abigail Joy – November 2008

My Comforter: A Poem


He knows my deepest yearnings
He sees the hidden tears
He hears my silent cries for aid
He understands my fears.

He pulls me close and comforts
He holds me as I weep
He needs no explanation
My secrets He will keep.

I fully trust His constancy
I cannot doubt his care
His everlasting arms are mine
Vast solace I find there.

In Him alone is refuge
In Him alone, great peace
Beneath His wings of mercy
My joy and hope increase.

Found in so safe a harbor
My heart must rise and sing.
How can I mourn, when this I boast:
A Comforter and King?

Yes, He will draw me through the night,
I will see dawn’s first glow.
Oh Lord, please calm the storm within—
Let me be still and know.

~ Abigail Joy ~
September 22, 2009